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David A. Smith's blog regularly provides lively and incisive commentary on housing issues in the U.S., drawing from his 30+ years of experience in the field of affordable housing.

AHI’s image policy

The AHI blog that I write is a purely educational forum, consistent with AHI’s status as an IRS-approved §501(c)(3) educational and research institution. The blog is free and open-source, and neither AHI nor I or anyone connected with AHI make any profit from it, derive any revenue from it, or use it to sell any product or service. (Indeed, the AHI Web site is entirely ad-free and open-source.)

In writing my blog of commentary on affordable housing issues and events, I frequently use images (solely on the blog, not in print or AHI materials) as a means of making a visual point, providing additional context, or livening up the post for readers’ enjoyment and edification. Images used in my blog are either those that I created or own (e.g. photographs, graphics) or others found on a Web search that I believe, based on due investigation of their context and setting, are available for free non-exclusive display, either because they are not copyright or because the image creator has explicitly or implicitly given permission for their use on the AHI blog. Where I think the image creator wishes to be credited, I do so.

I think this exposure is good for image creators and consistent with their desires, but if it is not, an image owner can contact us via email, identify the image, and we will promptly remove it.

David A. Smith

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